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  • Accommodation - Opening permitl: 427/2012/vt   Distintivo
  • Holiday Cottages (Complete)
  • Porto Colom, Baleares
  • Pol.23 Parcela 15(1ºVolta nº 50)
  • 39º 32´ 3.04´´, 2º 51´ 27.76´´
  • (+34)... See phone
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1 - 8 Capacity - 345€ - 395€ / person and night (aprox.)

Capacity and prices

Capacity from 1 to 8 People.
We have 4 rooms from 345 € to 395 € / person and night (aprox.) - See prices

Accommodation facilities

  • Specials: Accommodations with pool, Accommodations with fireplace, Accommodations with WiFi.
  • Outside: Parking, Terrace, Garden, Garden Furniture, Swimming pool, Yard, Barbecue.
  • Inside: En-suite bathroom, Hairdryer, Cookware, Satellite TV, Iron, Fully furnished kitchen, Dining room, DVD, Oven, Ironing board, Fridge, Living room, Washing machine, Heating, Blankets, Microwave, Televisión, Cot, Air-conditioning, Bathroom, Toallas, Dishwasher, Bedding.
  • Services: Discount for longer stays, Internet, Free WiFi access, Optional cleaning service.
  • Situation: Close to the beach, Isolated area.
  • Languages: Español, English, German.

Vicente Ferrer
Vicente Ferrer
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