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1 - 30 Capacity - 20€ - 30€ / person and night (aprox.)

Capacity and prices

Capacity from 1 to 30 People.
We have 12 rooms from 20 € to 30 € / person and night (aprox.)

Accommodation facilities

  • Specials: Pets allowed, Accommodations with WiFi, Accommodations with Jacuzzi, Accommodations with pool, Accommodations with fireplace, For disabled people.
  • Outside: Parking, Yard, Swimming pool, Garden, Barbecue, Granja, Terrace.
  • Inside: En-suite bathroom, Hairdryer, Cookware, Iron, Fully furnished kitchen, Jacuzzi, Dining room, DVD, Oven, Ironing board, Fridge, Living room, Washing machine, Television in the room, Blankets, Microwave, Sauna, Televisión, Cot, Bathroom, Toallas, Dishwasher, Bedding.
  • Services: Pets allowed, Discount for longer stays, Internet, Free WiFi access, Optional cleaning service.
  • Situation: Isolated area.
  • Languages: Español, Bilingual staff.


Accommodation description

The viewpoint "Cuevas Pinomojón" is a resort on the middle of nature, where you will find privacy and  very relaxing views.

We have 3 cave houses for rent throughout the year, fully equipped.

If what you want is fun we are to:


  • 12 Km, pantano de La Bolera.
  • 3 Km, pantano del Negratín, where you are be able to do canoing
  • 15 Km, Sierra de Cazorla (south).
  • 40 Minutos of the source of Castril river.
  • 10 Km Cerro Jabalcón in Zújar.
  • 16 Km of the placer where Tiscar Virgin appeared.
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