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6 - 8 Capacity - 27€ - 27€ / person and night (aprox.)

Capacity and prices

Capacity from 6 to 8 People.
We have 3 rooms from 27 € to 27 € / person and night (aprox.)

Accommodation facilities

  • Specials: Accommodations with WiFi.
  • Inside: Bedding, Hairdryer, Dishwasher, Living room, Iron, Heating, Televisión, Cookware, Ironing board, Fully furnished kitchen, Games, Oven, Blankets, Fridge, Bathroom, Washing machine, Toallas, Microwave, Dining room.
  • Services: Free WiFi access, Discount for longer stays.
  • Situation: Located in the village.
  • Languages: English, Italian, Español, French.

Rural house in nature for 6, 8 people, for full rental.


Accommodation description

The rural house is within the urban area of ​​Azuelo, in Navarra. On a sunny street that overlooks the mountains. Surrounded by the agricultural environment formed by the lands of the town. The mountain, the oak forest, very close and the Sierra de Codés facilitate comfortable and interesting walks. We have the Camino de Santiago nearby, as it passes through Torres del Río, it is 10 km away. Next to Logroño, in whose commerce we provided ourselves with what we needed in less universal times, half an hour by car. This opens up a world of possibilities for us in La Rioja, with its wineries, and its tourist wine routes. Estella, a Navarran city, is also half an hour away. It was an ingrained custom, which still remains, to go to its market on Thursdays, especially to socialize with the inhabitants of other towns in Merindad de Estella. And given that nowadays, the car shortens distances, many of our clients visit Pamplona at 1 hour, Bilbao at an hour and a half or Vitoria.

It has three floors. The entrance hall, open plan, with a comfortable area to chat, watch television… .The first floor with three bedrooms and a bathroom. Two of the bedrooms with a sunny balcony. And the top floor, also open plan, where is the kitchen, the dining room, a bathroom and a living area. On this floor you can see the original wooden beam framework, with one of the stone walls.

The house is in a small town, so the streets are a safe area for children's games and the surroundings are an inexhaustible source of great adventures.

There is no shortage of paths for walking or cycling that can lead to Yoar (1414 m), in a more complicated and surprising walk.

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